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Angel Dust

Angel Dust is an iridescent copper/rose gold with gold/green color shift

-These chrome / multi-chrome foil flakes appears in multiple colors depending on how the light hits it!
*Cruelty Free and Vegan

-The flakes are super thin, soft and buttery. They melt on your skin and have NO sharp edges even though they are a larger particle size.
FabBeauty CLEAR Lash Adhesive as a base will work best. 
We suggest using a stiff flat brush or clean finger to apply these flakes and PAT them on.

-These also can be applied wet using your liquid mixing medium.

-These are approved for use in the eye and lip area. Due to the larger flake size, we recommend caution and care when using around the eyes.

Please Note: Foils are filled by weight not volume so some jars might be filled more or less.


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